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The Break Up Songs

It happened to me and my boyfriend to ‘Break-up’ several times. We get into a fight, we bring the drama and when things escalate – we split. It is ‘serious’ and ‘real’ but in overall it lasts from 2 hours up to a day of ignoring each other and mainly calming down.


During this time we both often turn to music. By now I think even our neighbor knows the routine – shouting, slamming doors, then the ‘I’m so depressed’ playlist followed by the ‘I don’t need you’ one. Yes, I have two neat playlists on YouTube for both occasions.


Songs that depress the hell out of you: These songs help you wallow in your breakup. You hear one of these songs, and suddenly you are sobbing and miserable. They remind you of everything that sucks about your breakup, about your ex and about your whole damned life. Good activities while listening to these songs include thinking about the last time you and your ex kissed, staring at pictures of the two of you when you were blissfully, sickeningly happy, and eating Ben and Jerry’s in your pajamas after not showering or leaving the house for days. (Some of these songs, listed by the author I cite)


Songs that empower you to move forward: These songs make you realize you are going to be okay. They inspire you to move on, and maybe help you develop some healthy anger toward your ex. These songs remind you of how much better you are without him/her, whether it’s because he/she was a jerk or because he/she just wasn’t right for you and now you can find “the one.” Good activities while listening to these songs include singing like a maniac in your car, dancing in the shower and rocking out with your friends while drinking wine and eating ice cream. Ice cream is a must for either set of songs – this is a breakup, after all.


I love the songs from the playlists and listen to them sometimes without giving full meaning to the lyrics (or the same meaning I would if I was in a depress-mode). I always new that I turn to music when I feel happy and positive, but also when I am down. However, until now I have never really thought about my break up-music-’routine’ and which songs I play first, what does that mean for me, would it matter if I play the ‘empowering’ ones first.. etc.

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So I was wondering, has music helped you with a break up? How does it work for you? What are your break up songs?




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