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Guess who really loves Smart phones?

Going through my phone today reminded me of this video so I thought why not ask you about it >:D. There are many things happening on that little device of mine, most of which I don’t even remember unless I go through them. Now as the History is in front of me, I can tell you that it would be so easy for my boyfriend (if I had one) to misinterpret most of the listings/messages/entries. However, maybe if I had one, most of these won’t be there on the first place… or would they?


So my question to you, both men and women, is – Have you been curious to check what’s happening on His/Her phone? Or – have you already done it at a certain point?


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What’s up with the Love Bees and the beehive

What has your feedback taught us this month?


First major piece of news is the new face of the blog. Not to bore you with tech details I will just say that in this new home, it can finally accommodate all of your inquiries.


We have kicked-off with the poll section , which also makes me pretty happy (I’ve always had a thing for polls). Good news is that according to the results of the first poll – you prefer the new ‘look & feel’ better. More good news is that we actually want Your questions there! So please get this page flooded with suggestions!


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Kim Kardashian without Kris Humphries

And YES, we were right!

We first heard the rumors several days ago and were not surprised. Before the divorce was announced – Kim Kardashian and Kris new countdown, we asked what next? ”Divorce is coming!” we all said. And divorce it is, Kim announced it. So what happened? Kim got the wedding of her dreams, but not the right guy, Kris didn’t fit in. It was obvious at the beginning: some sensed it, others compared their compatibility and saw the super-law match score and most of us just saw the bigger picture and put the pieces together.

Want to see more Celebrity Matching? Go to this special section on the Blog. Every week we match a celebrity couple who are dating, based on Facial Features with our Facial Analysis Software. According to recent studies people who resemble each other, have a better change on a long-term relationship and have better chemistry.What is Soul2Match? It’s a revolutionary dating site that only needs one photo to see if you two are compatible. Check the latest post about Kim Kardashian and her new lover:-)

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s six-year union coming to an end? Maybe? No?

The last couple of days have been sad for the couple’s fans (and exciting for Ashton’s ;)).


We kept reading, and will probably continue, how the six-year long marriage might be over soon. The celebrities’ reps are still to comment, though!


Doesn’t the whole thing remind you of another long-term couple’s story we heard recently? Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, married for 13 years, were supposedly separating a month ago. Never happened, never heard of it again (yet?) and they seem to be totally irrelevant of the rumor…


So what does this tell us? Let’s look at Demi and Ashton’s “cause-of-potential-break-up history’ in more detail:  Continue reading

Why is Former Melrose Place Star Grant Show Getting Divorced

Former Melrose Place star Grant Show is back on the market! Alright!


The 49-year-old actor’s wife, actress Pollyanna McIntosh, has filed for divorce, according to Los Angeles Superior Court documents obtained Tuesday by TMZ.


McIntosh, 32, cited “irreconcilable differences” in her divorce petition. The question is “What is the real reason?’. I mean come on – they were good together and stayed married for more than 5 years! (in showbusiness-years this is like 10 at least :p) Also they are reeeeaally compatible! You won’t see these percentage often (picture on the right). So what do you think? Continue reading