Your gut feeling online! According "Most innovative en Best New Dating site 2012"

Soul2Match is the Finalist for Best New AND Most Innovative Dating Site 2012

What is Soul2Match? It's a revolutionary dating site that only needs one photo to see if you two are compatible.Soul2Match is based on scientific research which shows that people are attracted by people who resemble their close genetic counterparts, which can be measured in features in the face. The more these points are compatible, the happier couples are in long-term relationships. What are you waiting for? Love is out there, start flirting on Soul2Match and check your compatibility score with the Soul2Match Facial Analysis Software.  Click a few faces and email the highest rated, and you're set for a new date.Soul2Match has been chosen as a winner for Best New Dating Site of 2012 and Most Innovative Dating Site of 2012 in the annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

Once again You showed your awesomeness and support and made the Soul2Match super proud of their friends and customers!

A couple of months ago Bonny Albo from started working hard on the annual dating awards 2012. This would have been the first time we have been nominated for the awards and we were so excited when you guys nominated for not just one, but TWO categories!

Best New Dating Site of 2012 and Most Innovative Dating Site of 2012!!!! Wow and what unique competitors we stood next to! All of us, new, creative, innovative, potentially huge, already very successful and in overall online dating websites with great ideas and customers were there because of people like you – who appreciate hard-working, devoted to bring the best to their customers teams!

“And the winner is….”

And here comes the best part – won in both categories!

We cannot express our gratitude and appreciation! You have always been loyal and we never took your support and good taste for granted. That is why the team of Soul2Match would like to thank you once again for helping us bring to you what you truly want and need!

Well, let’s not get more emotional than we already are… Know that we are always here when you need us on your trip to find love!

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