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The First Date – Dealbreakers and The Price of Admission

Our first date we had I will never forget we went out about a month after we had met. The date was perfect and we had so much fun, i wanted to date you again, somewhere in the sun. I am already looking forward to our next date, with you my life is so much fun! should bSo here you are, matching hotties at Soul2Match, getting some good scores, initiating a conversation and wow! look at that! you are going on a date!

Now…There are many things you can start worrying about when it comes to The First Date. We all have a list of major deal breakers, and it’s a good thing to figure out if any of those deal breakers are present in a guy or girl you like before you go out on a date. But—and this is Continue reading

What Girls Think About During Sex


What Girls Think About During Sex – Jenna Marbles


This video made my day and I just had to share it with you! Thankfully CECILIA from LoveBungalow pointed it out – Thank you! :D I should really take some time to keep up with Jenna’s channel.


“Ok, so those of you who have not heard of the genius Jenna Marbles, you are missing out on some funny ass content. Not only is she hot, she is also raunchy, inappropriate and super hilarious!” Totally agree ;)

Check out Jenna Marbles’ YouTube Channel for more.Go to website (The video on ‘What guys think during sex‘ is also on :D



Top Countries Russian Women Want to Marry At

A month ago we talked about why western men seek Russian brides. Now there is a follow-up research which examined the other point of view – this of Russian and Ukrainian women.


The source of the research is once again the Russian dating site In a week-long survey female members of the dating site answered questions about their country preferences when dating foreign men and whether it was important for them where their future husband lived.


Nearly one half (49.53%) of women said they did have preferences as to the country of residence of their future partner, whilst 41% stated it was not important for them.


However, when asked what was more important, to find a man from a preferred country or to find the man of their dreams regardless of where he lived, 75% of women said Continue reading

Finding a balance: The rules of dating meet the science of attraction

Let’s enter the world of the unknown again. When it comes to dating, relationship, love, flirting, etc. there are always unwritten rules on do’s and don’ts.


It has been like this since forever and it won’t change any time soon. Different actions cause different reactions and circumstances change easily according to what you said, did and even thought. Predicting what could happen is almost impossible when it comes to romance.


However, we have been trying to discover a certain framework for long enough to know that certain strategies work and when some rules are followed you can expect to achieve what you aimed for. Continue reading

How to Get a Boyfriend in 3 Days

Here are a couple of steps suggested by ShaeLee Chatterton’s which ‘guarantee’ you a new relationship in 3 days. Soul2Match appreciates the idea, BUT with some remarks.


She definitely has a point – you  have to go for it and not just wait! However, some of the other suggestions could be a bit… disturbing. (Like the first comment below the article says, maybe inviting ppl, who u don’t know very well, home is not such a brilliant idea. The other steps of the suggested approach follow at the end of this post).


What recommends is to Continue reading